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Three Greenway Plaza Handbook


Greenway Security (713) 965-2931
Customer Care Center (713) 965-2913
Houston Police Dept. (713) 222-3131
Emergency Response 1(844) 863-7053 or (832) 413-6434

Greenway Plaza Website: http://www.greenwayplaza.com



The Customer Center, located in Suite C-118, Three Greenway Plaza, is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m and on Friday’s from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. All requests concerning the building should be directed to the Customer Center, which can be contacted by calling (713) 965-2913.


Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Closed

The following days constitute Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Customers will be notified in advance of all holidays observed by the Customer Center.

The standard hour of air conditioning and heating are:

Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – Noon (Upon Request / No Charge)
Holidays / Weekends (Upon request/Charges apply per lease agreement)


During after-hours periods (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and after 7:00 p.m. during the week), the building is secured, and Customers must use an access card to enter the building. Cards are obtained by filling out a request form supplied by the Security Office, located near Three Greenway Plaza on the Concourse Level, Suite C-118. Access cards are usually ready within 24 hours of initial request. (Depending on the volume of access cards being requested, this turn-around time could be less)

In addition to access cards, Customers must have keys/access cards to their leased spaces. Security personnel are NOT permitted to unlock a leased area.

In the event that visitors require after-hours building access, please notify the Customer Center in advance, with names and company information so that access can be granted.

Customers are responsible for retrieving access cards from individuals no longer in their employ or who for any reason no longer require after-hours access. These cards are to be returned to the Security Office as soon as possible for cancellation.

Lost or stolen access cards should be immediately reported to the Customer Center at (713) 965-2913 so that the missing card can be canceled and a new one issued. Should you or your employees find an access card, please return it to the Customer Center.


The Customer Center maintains an alphabetical directory board on the Plaza Level Lobby. The Landlord provides a one-line listing of the firms name at no charge. Subject to space availability, additional listings may be purchased by the Customer and must be approved by the Landlord. There is an order form included in this handbook for your use in specifying the names you wish listed on the directory. When completed, the form should be returned to the Customer Center. Allow fourteen working days for the installation of a directory listing. Directory listings are in the following format:

Company Listings OR Individual Listing
ABC Company   200   Smith, John J.  200

GRAPHICS (Suite Identification, Signs and Notices)

Building standard suite identification plaques are provided by the Landlord for the Customer’s main entry. Additional lettering and suite numbers may be installed by an approved contractor designated by the Landlord at the Customer’s expense. Any graphics other than the building standard suite identification plaque, must be approved by the Landlord prior to installation, particularly those graphics visible from the public areas of the building. There is an order form included in this handbook for use in specifying how you wish your company name to appear on the plaque. Please feel free to contact the Customer Center with any questions.

Please do not tape temporary or non-building standard signs to the building walls, suite doors, building or elevator lobby doors, or elevator walls.


New Customers generally receive two keys per entry lock free of charge, unless specified differently in the lease. Additional keys may be purchased by contacting the Customer Center. These keys are provided by Greenway's full-service locksmith shop. The shop employs qualified locksmiths to handle all keying and lock-related requirements. Requests for these services should be made through the Customer Center.

The Landlord must approve any alterations to locks. All locks must be keyed to the building’s master key system and can only be done by Greenway Plaza’s locksmiths.


These moving and delivery guidelines have been developed to ensure a safe and efficient move for you and your organization. Following these guidelines will expedite your move and protect the people handling the move as well as your property and the building itself. These guidelines are not meant to hamper or restrict your moving process, but rather to safeguard the elements involved in the process. We want your move to be as smooth as possible and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please call the Customer Center at (713) 965-2913.

Moving: Notify us as soon as possible as to the date and time of your scheduled move. The Customer Center must clear all moving arrangements and all moves are scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis. Major office moves may only occur on the weekends or after 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. All moves are to be made via the freight elevator after regular business hours or on weekends. After-hours move activities are scheduled through the Customer Center and must be followed up with a written request no later than 24 hours the day before the scheduled activity. It is extremely important that a representative of your moving company contact the Customer Center well in advance of the anticipated moving date.

The moving contractor must provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the move. The mover must be bonded and carry a minimum of $1,000,000 combined single limit, property damage, and public liability insurance and umbrella liability in the amount of $5,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate. In addition, the certificate must show the Building Owner, Parkway, Inc., as additional insured. We suggest that you secure a Certificate of Insurance for your firm as well.

Your moving contractor will be responsible for any damage to the building incurred during the move. To avoid unnecessary damage, we suggest that you pad or otherwise protect all entrances, doorways and walled affected by the move, and cover all floor surfaces traversed during the move with appropriate material. The mover is responsible for disposing of all trash, packing cartons and other materials used during the move. Additionally, any electrical problems or equipment breakdowns, which occur during the move, should be immediately reported to the Customer Center (713) 965-2913 and to Security (713) 965-2931.

There is a strict “No Smoking” policy in the building. Moving crewmembers are not permitted to smoke in any area of the building.

Deliveries: During the working day, Monday through Friday, freight elevators are used primarily for the movement of small, routine deliveries. Large or lengthy deliveries are to be scheduled through the Customer Center, as freight elevators are not taken out of service between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the week.

Because of limited dock space, cars are not permitted to use the loading dock. One of the Rules of Operation posted at the loading dock is “NO HAND-CARRIED DELIVERIES”. These items must be delivered via a visitor’s parking lot. All rules are designed to maintain a smooth, continuous flow of material through the loading dock to the Customers. Another important point to remember concerning deliveries is two wheeled dollies are not permitted on passenger elevators or on the escalators.

All of these rules are designed to move the maximum amount of material through the loading dock into the buildings in the shortest possible time. Your cooperation is essential to this process, and we ask that you instruct your vendors to abide by these rules.


When Customer construction work is required within the leased premises, the Customer contacts the Customer Center via email sent to the Property Manager or through the Yardi System (See Building Services and Facilities Section, Maintenance Request in this handbook). The Customer must submit specific information regarding the scope of the work requested to the Property Manager. The Customer will then receive written approval from the Property Manager before any work can commence.

All work, whether major renovations or simply one electrical outlet, must be approved in advance. All work will be performed by an approved construction company. A firm price will be provided for the scope of the job, and all work will be completed to the satisfaction of both the Customer and the Property Manager.

Plumbing: Whenever plumbing service is required, please contact the Customer Center. All appliances such as icemakers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and water lines for coffee makers and wet bars must be properly maintained. Please report all water leaks to the Customer Center immediately.

Damage to Premises: Any damage to the premises done or caused by the Customer will be repaired by the Landlord at Customer’s expense. This includes damage done to restroom plumbing caused by dumping coffee grinds or food into commodes or lavatories, or damage to building thermostats caused by employees attempting to adjust the temperature.

Services such as installation of communication, computer and alarm systems must also be approved by the Property Manager via email, phone request or through the Yardi Work Order System.



Greenway Plaza furnishes air conditioning and heating services during the normal hours of operation. Unless otherwise stated in your lease agreement, these hours are considered 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturdays upon request. Air conditioning and heating services during the evening, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are considered "overtime air” and are provided at the Customer’s expense upon request only. Overtime air must be requested in writing and faxed to the Customer Center at (713) 965-2950, Monday through Friday and no later than 2:00 p.m. on the evening it is required.

In an emergency, air may be requested after hours by calling Greenway Plaza Security at (713) 965-2931.

Only licensed engineers are permitted to operate or control mechanical equipment. Security personnel are not permitted to operate equipment. If at any time during standard hours of operation, it is felt that suite temperatures require adjustment, please call the Customer Center for engineering assistance. There are no adjustments available after hours. Under no circumstances should a Customer attempt to regulate the thermostat.

The use of space heaters is also expressly prohibited by The City of Houston Fire Code.


Elevator service is available 24 hours a day. After normal building hours, you must use your access card to access the elevators at the lobby level. If an elevator fails to operate properly, please notify the Customer Center or Greenway Plaza Security immediately.

If for some reason an elevator does malfunction and you are detained inside the elevator cab, remain calm. Modern elevator technology makes it virtually impossible for the elevator to fall. There is no physical danger in a stalled elevator, only the inconvenience of waiting to be released. Push the alarm button inside the elevator cab to notify the Security Dispatcher of your situation. You will be contacted through an intercom system and given instructions on what to do. The elevator maintenance company will be notified immediately and a technician dispatched to correct the problem. During business hours, these technicians are on-site and can respond very quickly. Building staff and/or Security will remain in constant contact to let you know what is being done.


Standard janitorial services are provided Monday through Friday during the evening hours. Special cleaning, other than the standard service and minor carpet spotting, is available at an extra cost to the Customer and requires scheduling through the Customer Center. Boxes (no more than six small or medium sized) to be disposed of should be flattened and stacked within the office space and marked "trash / basura." To dispose of large boxes or large quantities of boxes, special arrangements need to be made through the Customer Center. Moving companies and vendors should be required by the Customer to remove their boxes from the premises after delivery. At no time should boxes, trash or excess materials and equipment be placed in hallways or lobbies. These areas are considered designated fire exits.

A copy of our Building Standard Cleaning Specifications is included in this handbook.


Maintenance requests or requests for service of any kind must be made by the customer through our customer software system, Yardi. The customer services feature is a convenience tool designed to optimize maintenance requests workflows, communications, performance, streamline billing, and much more between our Customers and Property Management.

You can login to this service by going to the greenway plaza website, www.greenwayplaza.com, click on the customer services tab and login under customer login section. This information will be provided, username and password, by your property administrative assistant at the customer care center.

Engineering and maintenance personnel are available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For emergency maintenance after normal business hours, please contact the Greenway Plaza Security dispatch line at (713) 965-2931. This phone is answered 24 hours daily.

Some maintenance requests may require the use of an outside contractor/vendor. For those situations, you will receive an email from your building Administrative Assistant asking for authorization for the work to be done. Once you have given us authorization to schedule an outside vendor, we will solicit a cost estimate and choose the appropriate vendor. Work will begin only after we have received the email back from you giving your approval, unless the situation is an emergency and will require immediate repair.

A few examples of a request to call in outside vendors could possibly include small items such as; additional electrical outlets, plumbing repairs to private sinks, hanging white boards within your customer space, repairs to HVAC private units and other such requests. You will be billed after completion of the work that was scheduled and on your next available rental statement.


APCOA Standard Parking manages all visitor lots and garages. The main office is located at Three Greenway Plaza, Suite B220. The direct phone number is (713) 965-2980. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Standard Parking can provide you with brochures/maps, that depict the main thoroughfares, visitor parking locations, entrances, exits, parking garage areas, and delivery areas. The parking and traffic control program has been designed to serve all persons working or visiting Greenway Plaza.

Please report changes of address, telephone number, employer, vehicle, license number, etc., to the Transportation Office.

Access Cards: Entrance to both the building and garage is gained by use of a single access card issued by Greenway Plaza Security. An intercom is located at the building and garage entrance card reader to assist Customers whose cards are not working or who have forgotten their cards. Greenway Plaza Security responds to these intercoms, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. It is extremely important that you do not use your card to permit access to the garage for someone else. Doing so may mean suspension of your parking privileges. Only one vehicle per card is allowed into the parking garage.

A lost or stolen card must be reported to the Customer Center immediately. A fee may be required to replace the access card. This fee is to cover the cost of the access card and the administrative costs associated with reissuing the access card. This fee is not refundable and everyone is subject to this charge. Parkers are cautioned to keep their vehicles locked to avoid loss or theft of their access cards and/or personal property. Anyone finding an access card should return it to the Customer Center. Persons who find an access card and attempt to use it to park without paying may be charged with "theft of service".

Parking Fees: All parking fees are payable in advance. Persons purchasing access cards from the first of the month through the fifteenth of the month must pay for parking for the entire month. Persons purchasing a card from the sixteenth through the twenty-fourth of the month pay for parking for half of a month. Parking purchased from the twenty-fifth through the last day of a month receives free parking for the period if they purchase parking for the following month.

Persons who cancel their parking from the first through the fifteenth of the month will receive half of a month credit. Persons who cancel after the fifteenth of the month receive no credit. All cancellations must be made in writing and will be effective on the date received in the Greenway Transportation Office or the requested cancellation date, whichever is later.

Parking Spaces: Authorized parkers are entitled to one parking space. Vehicles parked over parking space lines may be subjected to ticketing and possible towing.

Certain spaces are designated for physically disabled persons. These spaces may be used only for vehicles displaying a license plate with the International Symbol of Accessibility that is issued by the City, and approved by the Transportation Office. All others will be towed away and/or subject to a fine.

Certain spaces are also designated for compact cars only. A compact car is defined as being less than six feet wide and sixteen and one half feet long. Only vehicles in this category should use these designated spaces.

Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces will be towed away without warning.

Oversized Vehicles: The Greenway Plaza Transportation Services Department will make an effort to provide parking for all types of vehicles. Oversized vehicles such as campers, vans, pick-up trucks, and/or buses or any other vehicle that has been modified to increase its size will be placed in a surface lot when available. No special accommodations will be made for drivers of these vehicles and no obligation for parking for these vehicles is assumed. All drivers need to be made aware of their vehicle height and take note of the posted clearance.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles may be parked in garages at a discounted rate if they use space not designated for vehicles and do not block vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking on sidewalks.

Vehicles Requiring Service or Repair: The parking garages will not be used to perform repairs on any vehicle. Vehicles in need of repair must be towed from the garage to an appropriate facility. Flat tires, dead batteries and windshield chips are exceptions to the above. The owner/operator of a vehicle requiring towing must make arrangements with a towing service to have the vehicle removed. The Transportation Office should be notified that the towing service has permission to remove the vehicle.

Any parked vehicle that in the judgment of Garage Personnel creates a dangerous situation (for example, leaking gasoline) will be removed from the garage at the owner's expense.

Destruction of Property: Any person who damages any property in a garage (i.e., breaking a gate, removing signs, etc.) either willfully or by accident will be held financially responsible for repairs or replacement. Willful destruction may also result in permanent loss of parking privileges and/or criminal charges.

Tow-Away Zones: “No Parking” zones/areas are those indicated as such by signs, red striping, and any area not specifically designed for parking. Many streets within Greenway Plaza are FIRE LANES on both sides of the street. Parking in any of the above will result in immediate tow away. No warning will be given. These areas are patrolled and are strictly enforced. Please caution your visitors and employees to park in appropriate areas to avoid towing of their vehicles.

Automobiles are restricted from using these zones and will be towed away.

Improper Use of Vehicles: Vehicles parked within Greenway Plaza may not be used as living quarters even on a temporary basis. Additionally, animals may not be left unattended in vehicles.

Abandoned Vehicles: Any vehicle parked in a garage without being moved for a period of fourteen days will be considered abandoned and may be removed from the garage at the owner's expense. Evidence that the owner/operator of the vehicle is an authorized parker will not be considered.

Traffic Rules: All City of Houston and State of Texas traffic rules apply while driving in Greenway Plaza.

The maximum speed limit in any garage is 5 MPH. Lower speed limits may also be posted.

Any person receiving five or more violations in a twelve-month period may be suspended from parking within Greenway Plaza for an indefinite period.

Liability: APCOA Standard Parking, as operator of the Greenway Plaza parking facilities, shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle or property therein or for injuries (fatal or non-fatal) to persons occurring within the parking areas or garages.


Pets of any kind are prohibited in all Greenway Plaza buildings. The pest control and cleaning services provided by the Customer Center does not cover expenses related to pets. Designated guide dogs are specifically excluded from this policy.


The United States Post Office serving Greenway Plaza is the Julius Melcher Station located at 2802 Timmons Lane. A full-service Postal Station is located in Greenway Plaza, Phase I, retail mall (concourse level) near Three Greenway Plaza. Services provided include the purchase of stamps, postage for meters, registered and certified mail, parcel post, and money orders. These services are available from 10:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mail boxes are located at the Postal Station on the concourse level near Three Greenway Plaza. Each Customer must contact the Postmaster in order to obtain keys for their box. Customers requiring the use of four-wheeled carts must properly pad the carts for use in passenger elevators.

Correct mailing format is:

Firm Name
Three Greenway Plaza, Suite _________
Houston, Texas 77046

(All Greenway Plaza addresses utilize zip code 77046 except for 3800 Buffalo Speedway which is 77098 and Phoenix Tower which is 77027.)


A reception or an "open house" involves additional parking, air conditioning/heating, cleaning, and security. These services are coordinated through the Customer Center. Two City of Houston policemen must be on the premises when alcoholic beverages are served. These policemen are paid directly by the Customer, but are arranged by the Customer Center. We encourage you to contact the Customer Center as soon as possible during the planning stages for your event, so that we can assist you.


Miscellaneous bill-backs are delivered on or about the third week of the month prior to the due date to allow ample time for review. Payment is due on or before the first of each month. Interest is charged at the rate specified in the lease, if payment has not been received by the fifth day of the month. All miscellaneous bill back payments should be mailed directly to the lockbox address shown on the invoice.


Solicitation is not allowed anywhere within Greenway Plaza. Please notify the Customer Center or Security immediately if you notice a solicitor within the building. Try to provide as much specific information about the person’s appearance and behavior as you can. Security will locate the person as quickly as possible and escort him/her off the premises.


Report any suspected theft, no matter how small, to the Customer Center immediately. You may also notify the Police Department; since it is possible that they may be investigating thefts in other office buildings and your report may help them complete their investigation more effectively. The building’s insurance policy does not cover the theft of Customer’s personal belongings. Personal property insurance is the responsibility of each Customer.Should theft occur:

  1. Notify Security at (713) 965-2931.
  2. Notify the Customer Center at (713) 965-2913.
  3. Notify the Police.


Security officers will complete an incident report recording the details of any accident, theft, or injury that occurs on the property. Please notify the Customer Center as soon as an incident occurs so that an investigation can begin. Your cooperation in answering all questions pertaining to the incident will be appreciated.


Security often involves common sense. Because any building system is only as effective as the people relying on it are, we encourage you to review these security reminders to help you avoid unnecessary loss and problems within your suite.

When you secure your premises at the end of the business day, verify that all doors are properly locked. We recommend locking your suite entry door after 5 p.m. even if people are working late.

Do not leave briefcases or handbags in clear view. Coats should be hung in a coat closet since thieves often rifle through pockets looking for keys or money. Do not leave wallets in jackets hanging on chair backs and other articles of value unguarded even for a few minutes. Small articles left in plain view, are easy targets for thieves.

Notify the Customer Center or Security immediately if you notice a suspicious person loitering in or about your premises. Be suspicious of any person who enters your suite and when confronted makes excuses that they are lost or looking for another company.

Offices are most vulnerable to thieves during lunchtime and right before closing. At these times, there is often a lot of movement, and people are frequently away from their desks.

Put serial numbers on all business equipment to aid police in locating the equipment if it is stolen.

If an employee is terminated for any reason, consider changing cylinders on the lock, resetting any safe or vault combinations and canceling security access codes.

Keys kept on a key ring should never have an identifying tag. If they are lost, they may easily be used by thieves to access your property.

Never leave your reception area unattended when your suite entry door is unlocked.

When entering the building after hours, never allow a person to enter the door or elevator behind you without using their security card. If this should occur, please notify security immediately with a description and location of the person.



Each Customer at move-in is asked to complete a CUSTOMER CONTACT & INFORMATION FORM. This form is simply a list of Customer contact names and home phone numbers to be used in case of an emergency. These names and phone numbers are kept in a confidential file. This information should be updated any time there are changes in personnel information, when the emergency contact names change due to personnel changes. A sample copy of this form is included in this handbook and an electronic format of this form can be obtained by contacting the Customer Center.

In case of a prolonged emergency such as a hurricane, Cousins will activate its Emergency Response Number, 1-844-863-7053 or (832) 413-6434. This is a recorded message, updated as new information becomes available, to keep our Customers informed of conditions in their buildings and at Greenway Plaza.

In an effort to ensure that all customers on the Greenway Plaza Campus are properly and timely notified when an emergency develops in the area, we have developed a mass notification system that allows us to contact you, our Customer via cell phone, work phone, home phone, and email or by text message. If you would like to participate in this plan, you will need to fill out the necessary information on the notice provided, that is required to include individuals from your company in this notification plan.

The safety and security of Customers in Greenway buildings are our highest management priorities. With this interest for your safety in mind, we have provided you with abbreviated instructions on emergency procedures.


Bomb threats are frequent in major cities. Fortunately, the vast majority of threats are hoaxes called in by practical jokers, children, or disgruntled employees. Unfortunately, it is difficult to sort the hoax call from the genuine threat.

At the mention of a bomb, fear can create panic resulting in greater injury than the explosion. Additionally, significant financial losses result from evacuation procedures, workers being sent home, and reduced productivity upon their return. Greenway Plaza has a perimeter access control system in place. Customers, guests, service providers, as well as building management personnel are encouraged to be aware of suspicious persons wandering about in offices, corridors and restrooms. Suspicious persons should be reported to Central Security Control at (713) 965-2931 day or night.

Delivery people and repairmen should be monitored while in your office. Do not leave your office unattended and unlocked for any reason. Comply with building security access control measures. All persons entering the building after hours are required to use a valid building access card, or be cleared through the Customer Center by the Customer Contact prior to close of business.

It is recommended the Customers develop their own Bomb Threat Action Plan to be followed upon receipt of a threat. Persons participating in these plans should be carefully selected.

Secretaries and receptionists generally receive most bomb threats and should be trained to react calmly.

A prepared Bomb Threat Checklist is included in this handbook. The following procedures are valuable when a bomb threat is received:

  • The individual receiving the call should remain calm and obtain as much information from the caller as possible. It is important to keep the caller talking.
  • Call 911. State your name, company, address, telephone number and what the caller said.
  • Notify the Customer Center at (713) 965-2913 or Greenway Security at (713) 965-2931 and report the same information.
  • Evaluate the seriousness of the threat based on available information. Should your evaluation warrant, conduct a search for the bomb. Employees should survey their own work areas; however, nothing out of the ordinary should be touched. Building personnel will report to the affected areas and search the stairways, corridors, restrooms, elevators and elevator shafts, equipment rooms, etc. If a suspicious object is discovered, trained police bomb-squad personnel will take charge.
  • Consider the need to evacuate in accordance with your Company Action Plan. If evacuation is deemed necessary, employees should be notified in a calm, deliberate manner. The Customer Center must be notified so that other Customers can be informed of the threat.
  • Partial evacuation of the building may be necessary when a bomb threat is directed to a specific floor. A partial evacuation includes the threatened floor, the floor immediately above and the floor immediately below. The evacuation should be away from the threatened floor and not through it. Personnel on the floor above the threatened floor should evacuate to higher floors. Personnel on the floor below the threatened floor should evacuate to lower floors. Stairways should be used for evacuation rather than elevators. Only disabled persons should utilize the elevators during bomb-threat evacuations.
  • General evacuation of the building may be necessary when the threat is directed to the entire building. Should a general evacuation be required, Customers will be notified by telephone, public address announcement, messenger, or all three. General evacuations are conducted in the same manner as fire evacuations. In some cases, authorities investigating the incident may have questions regarding a Customer’s suite and/or object found therein.
  • If a bomb is not discovered and the police indicate that no further hazard exists, personnel may reenter the building at their own discretion. The Customer Center should be notified of intent to reenter.


Civil disturbances are not easily categorized. Depending on the organization responsible for the disturbance, they may range from calm groups of picketers to violent destructive mobs. Frequently, calm groups escalate to violent mobs. Eliminating the threat of violence and destruction is the goal of this section.

Often, political interest groups, disgruntled employees and striking employees will let it be known that they intend to demonstrate, picket, etc., at a certain location. Should you receive such information, please communicate it to the Customer Center immediately.

It is recommended that Customers develop their own Civil Disturbance Action Plan to inform and safeguard their employees.

In the event of a disturbance, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Call the Police and state:
    • Your name and company name.
    • Location of the disturbance.
    • Size of the group.
    • Type of demonstration.
  2. Call the Customer Center at (713) 965-2913 with the same information.
  3. Instruct employees to avoid communicating with the demonstrators, antagonizing the demonstrators or aggravating the situation in any way.

The necessity of evacuating is not probable; however, should evacuation be deemed necessary by the Customer, assistance will be given to the Customer by the building's Emergency Action Team.


To Report a FIRE

Any individual seeing FLAMES or SMOKE, or if it is reported, should:

  1. Isolate (close the door) or extinguish the fire if you can do so safely.
    Call 911, and provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Company
    • Telephone number
    • Building
    • Suite
    • Location of Fire
  2. Remain on the line, if possible, and answer any questions. LET THE 911 DISPATCHER HANG UP FIRST.
  3. Call Greenway Plaza Central Security Control (713-965-2931), and provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Company
    • Telephone number
    • Building
    • Suite
    • Location of Fire

Remain on the line, if possible, and answer any questions.


Hurricanes are a potential threat from June through November in the Houston area and often cause electrical power to be disrupted. Reliant Energy provides both primary and secondary power sources to Greenway Plaza. During loss of primary power, Reliant Energy works to restore service via a secondary source. Customers with vital energy power requirements should consider auxiliary generators for their own use. Telephone service may be interrupted during severe weather. Telephone companies have the capability of installing emergency service lines to Customers having compatible switching equipment. Customers requiring emergency service should ask their telephone representative for specific information.

The U.S. Weather Service reports the movement of tropical depressions that may present a threat to the Gulf Coast area. Given an early alert, certain steps should be taken to prepare for a hurricane.

  1. Obtain emergency equipment - flashlights and fresh batteries, first aid kits for treatment of minor cuts caused by flying glass, tarpaulins to cover office furniture and filing cabinets, and battery-operated radios.
  2. Clear desk and table tops of books, papers, staplers, pencil holders, etc.; move furniture away from windows and cover with tarpaulins; remove drapes; move adding machines, computers, etc., to inside offices. The building Emergency Action Team will remove all potential flying objects from public areas.

Should a tropical depression escalate to a hurricane, report any leaks, structural damage, etc., to the Customer Center. The building will be patrolled constantly by Security and Building Management personnel to detect damage. Emergency repairs will be made as weather permits.

Customers are discouraged from remaining in the building during the storm and should arrange for employees to leave in time to secure their homes. Notify the Customer Center of your intent to evacuate. Parking areas will have additional manpower to assist persons departing the premises.

Hurricanes are often characterized by violent weather, a calm period, and a resumption of violent weather. Do not assume too quickly that the adverse weather has ended. Customers should not attempt to reenter the building until all danger has passed.

After the storm, please report all safety hazards such as exposed wiring, broken glass, etc., to the Customer Center. The building’s Emergency Action Team will conduct a thorough search for safety hazards and repairs will be made as quickly as possible.


The most important aspect of medical emergency response is speed of notification and escorting professional emergency personnel to the appropriate areas as quickly as possible. Medical emergencies can range in complexity and severity. All reports should be taken seriously and handled with appropriate level of response and professionalism.

It is in the best interest of building occupants, Greenway Plaza, civil authorities and the public, that these site-specific policies and procedures have been established to enable management and others to:

  • Minimize risk to the life safety of building occupants
  • Minimize operational disruption
  • Maintain complex security
  • Accurately inform appropriate parties

If detection is via a phone call to the Property Management Office, the phone call recipient should immediately call 911 if necessary, then immediately call Greenway Plaza Security dispatch (713) 965-2931 and give the following information:

  • Type of medical emergency, if known
  • Location
  • Whether the individual is conscious
  • Whether the individual is breathing

It is recommended that Customers keep first aid kits and bottled oxygen on hand for emergency use.


Greenway Plaza buildings have been designed to minimize the risk of a general power failure resulting from causes within the building. Should a power failure occur, it typically will affect either an isolated area of the building or a large geographic area of which the building is a part.

All suites and public areas are equipped with independently powered exit signs and emergency lights. These will remain lit in a general power failure, but may only last for a limited time period, usually 45 minutes.

In the event of an electrical failure, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Contact the Customer Center.
  • Open draperies and raise blinds to let in outside light. If there is adequate lighting from windows, continue to perform assigned tasks as well as possible.
  • If you are instructed to evacuate the building, lock all areas of your premises.
  • Do not congregate in the lobby areas or in the street.
  • If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, do not panic. Wait for assistance. Your elevator may cease operation, but will not fail. Do not attempt to force the doors open or escape through the roof hatch. Use the red button in the elevator to signal Security and to notify them of your location. The buildings are equipped with emergency generators, which will activate within a few minutes furnishing power to the elevators. The elevator will then travel to the selected floor and the doors will open.

Evacuation – Power Outage

This phase deals with the movement of people. A complete evacuation involves the removal of all occupants from the building(s). A partial evacuation may involve either the relocation of occupants to unaffected areas or removal from the building of only those occupants in the affected areas.

In the event of an extended power outage, buildings may need to be fully or partially evacuated. The Fire/Safety Warden should direct evacuation procedures as outlined in the HFD-approved BERP. The Fire/Safety Warden should direct the evacuation of individual floors in accordance with directions and the BERP.

Special Instructions for the Mobility-impaired

Persons having any mobility impairment should be considered prior to any need for evacuation. Fire/Safety Wardens should notify the Property Manager of any mobility-impaired customers that may require special assistance in the event of an evacuation. A list will be maintained in the ICC and updated as necessary by the building Property Manager.

Customers not requiring assistance and that are not going to assist should evacuate first. This avoids the possibility of persons in need of assistance being bumped and falling down, thus slowing evacuation and/or causing injury. The BERP should assist in evacuating the mobility-impaired if danger is imminent and it is safe to do so.

The Customer Center will notify you as soon as possible when power will be restored.

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